The Arkansas River Trail System offers a diverse assortment of pathways and routes, ideal for cyclists looking to conquer new challenges or cruise leisurely with friends.

Additionally, the trail is award-winning: the American Automobile Association Southern Traveler magazine selected the Arkansas River Trail as the “Best Bike Trail in the South” in the July/August 2011 edition.

The trail offers excursions for Arkansas cycling enthusiasts of all sorts. Riders can cruise over the elevated Junction Bridge and take in the sights of the Arkansas River, or meander their way to Two Rivers Park, 1,000 acres of wooded wetlands and open spaces. Biking in Arkansas is at its best on the expansive river trail.

Those looking for bike trails in Arkansas will find three specific routes designed for cyclists. These include:

  • The 16 miles of the original Arkansas River Trail, a loop that coasts from the Clinton Bridge to Two Rivers Park Bridge, through the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock.
  • The 34 mile route to Pinnacle Mountain State Park that begins at the Clinton Bridge. This Arkansas cycling excursion passes through Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pulaski County with many options for traveling these trails.
  • The 88.5 mile Grand Loop is a mix of off-road paved trails, bike lanes and rural roadways of mostly flat but sometimes challenging terrain. It runs through Little Rock, North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Faulkner County and Perry County as well as Maumelle, Mayflower, Conway and Bigelow. Some parts of the trail allow optional routes for bikers, providing short cuts, various scenic routes and methods of traveling the trail.

Below are some tips and guidelines to make sure any riding experience runs smoothly:

  • Travel at safe and appropriate speeds.
  • Keep to the right and yield to pedestrians and horses.
  • Follow all traffic laws when biking in Arkansas, including yielding, stopping, signaling, etc.
  • Call out a warning when passing on the trail.
  • Groups of cyclists should move into single file to allow passing.

For a full list of state laws regarding cycling, please visit the Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas website.

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