Nature & Wildlife

The Arkansas River Trail winds through a multitude of habitats abundant with plants, animals and birds, making it a popular destination for wildlife watchers.

Visitors can spot the long-tailed scissortail flycatcher stretching its wings or watch groundhogs burrowing away. Great blue herons, quail, mallard ducks, raccoons, possums, egrets, turtles and skunks are a few of the other diverse species of Arkansas wildlife visible along the trail. Deer can often be spotted in Campbell Lake Park, Two Rivers Park, Burns Park, by the Little Maumelle River, near the Little Rock Golf Course and along all trails in the area.

Cardinals are also a frequent sight. These red beauties prefer brushy woodlands, streamside thickets, orchards, swamps, suburban gardens and parks, and like to roost and nest in dense thickets, evergreens and privet hedges.

Cardinals are known to eat over a hundred types of fruits and seeds in the wild, including brambles, sumac, cherry, dogwood, grape, mulberry, blueberry, elderberry, tulip tree, hackberry, and Russian olive. They also use many of these plants for nesting. Since these varieties are found throughout the trail, wildlife watching enthusiasts have an excellent chance of seeing some of these avian beauties.

Geese are also frequent sights along the trail, but visitors are asked not to feed them.

Some of the trail’s best locations for Arkansas wildlife watching include Two Rivers Park and Burns Park.

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