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Points of Interest

The lengthy expanse of the Arkansas River Trail System covers two metropolitan areas, 38 parks, 12 museums and four bridges, offering a wide variety of interesting places to visit and Arkansas attractions to see.

Some of the more unique Arkansas landmarks along the trail include:

Big Rock Quarry is the geological formation that inspired the region’s name. Upon observing the local geology, French explorer Jean-Baptiste Bernard de la Harpe (the first European to navigate the Arkansas River) noted a large outcrop of rock along the river. He dubbed the 200-foot bluff “Le Rocher Français” (French Rock), now known as Big Rock. The smaller outcropping on the south bank was dubbed “Le Petit Rocher” (the Little Rock).

The Medical Mile is a special gathering place designed to promote healthy living. It features a 1,162 foot three-dimensional mural wall and a Body-Mind-Spirit entry plaza. The unique milestone was created by the Medical Mile Group, an organization established by the National Park Service River Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, Heart Clinic of Arkansas and Little Rock Parks and Recreation. Additional sponsors including local hospitals, physicians and towns also helped to fund the project.

Two Rivers Park is a 1,000 acre expanse that includes 450 acres of wooded wetlands and 550 acres of open fields where visitors can walk, ride horseback and ride bikes.

The William E. “Bill” Clark Presidential Park Wetlands is a 13-acre riverside marsh designed to showcase wildlife and river life in a restored wetlands habitat.

Dickey Stephens Ball Park is home to the minor league Arkansas Travelers. This 5,288 seat ballpark (with room for another 2,500 on the berms) is a popular destination for sports fans.

The Clinton Presidential Library and Park is a 20,000 square foot building featuring the largest collection of presidential artifacts and papers in U.S. history. This $160 million building also includes a replica of the Oval Office and Cabinet Room, and is located in a 30-acre city park that was once an old warehouse site.

The University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service is also located within the Clinton Presidential Park, and occupies the renovated 1899 Choctaw Station. It was the first in the nation to offer a Master of Public Service (MPS) degree.

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