Four major bridges connect the various elements of the Arkansas River Trail, allowing visitors to easily cross the river and explore different areas.

Big Dam Bridge
This famous 4,200 foot structure is the longest pedestrian/cyclist bridge in the world built solely for recreation. It reaches up to 90 feet above the river, and its state-of-the-art linear “wall-wash” LED fixtures illuminate its exterior and can create more than 16 million color schemes.

Clinton Presidential Park Bridge
This 1,600 foot former railroad bridge overlooks the lush 13-acre William E. “Bill” Clark Wetlands, and features specially designed aluminum boxes full of flowers along its side. The Clinton Bridge is where the Arkansas River Trail System measurement begins.

Two Rivers Park Bridge
This 1,162 foot long bridge, also known as “the promenade in the sky,” connects River Mountain Park and Two Rivers Park, and, like the Big Dam Bridge, features LED fixtures that can create millions of color combinations.

Junction Bridge
This 100-year-old “lift span” bridge was recently transformed into a pedestrian/cyclist bridge. It is believed to be the only one of its kind that has been converted for this use.

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